After nearly 20 years Point Beach Outdoors is still here & has been making Outerwear and Accessories using Polartec Fleece made from Recycled Plastic. The Fabric manufactures have changed from time to time, the construction of the fleece has changed from time to time, but Point Beach Outdoors has consistantly offered handmade products of the highest quality that is cut and sewn right in our shop (even though our location has changed from time to time) now located in Hartford, WI . Everyone of your needs is made to order with the best Fleece available in the USA. Call us for available colors and prices at 262.670.5544 or email us at


Gail and Wayne


Point Beach Outdoors (using Polartec Fleece made from recycled plastic) was founded based on a love affair with nature that has lasted over forty years of weekends spent in the forest. In fact, well over 40 years ago, my grandfather gave me his old frayed wool jacket to wear in the woods. It kept me warm and dry and comfortable, but even more importantly while wearing it I learned to respect wildlife, the woods, the rivers and lakes, and to never, ever dream of using them up. There was a lot of grandpa in that old jacket, I just always wished that I could somehow share that with everyone. So when I sat down the first time to make a garment I tried to remember those years and how I felt wearing that old frayed wool jacket. I designed my first jacket with grandpa in mind, except I was lucky enough to find Polartec Fleece. Believe it or not, I still wear that first jacket I made in the woods every chance I get and the smell of pine needles in the back hall remind me of grandpa.